Apple’s Get a Mac ads are back on form

Just when it was looking like the campaign was running out of steam, there are some new Get a Mac ads that had me laughing out loud again. Apart from the great writing and performances, the thing I like most about these is the sheer audacity of it all.

There were various reports a while back that viewers empathised with the PC character more than the Mac character but looking at how Apple’s marketshare is doing, it probably doesn’t matter. The ads (and the iPhone) sure are doing the trick!

One thought on “Apple’s Get a Mac ads are back on form”

  1. Hi Martin

    Somehow (I’ve been away) I hadn’t seen these, these adverts are a step up in pointing out all of the problems with PC’s. The adverts work really well in showing PC uses what they are missing and also making Mac users feel great! 🙂
    Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

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