Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

So another West End show, ‘Joseph’ starring Gareth Gates has just closed early. If I remember correctly, I saw the original Palladium production two (or possibly even three times) with both Jason Donovan and Phillip Schofield. This restaging has been at the Adelphi Theatre since 2007 when Lee Mead, the winner of the BBC talent show, ‘Any Dream Will Do’ took on the lead role.

Tonight was the last night and it was packed with the additional showbiz element of Tim Rice sitting a few rows in front and getting besieged by autograph hunters. As far as I could tell, the show was identical to the Palladium production. It’s still brilliantly staged with the scenes flowing effortlessly into one another. Performances were very good and it must be a tough show to do because there’s little pause for breath. Dean Collinson was a particularly fun Pharoah but Jenna Lee-James played the Narrator in an oddly cold and businesslike fashion.

Oh and Mr Gates? He did a very fine job. I was impressed. The megamix was as foot-tappingly camp as it should be and Gareth went up on the hydraulic lift at the end. What more could one ask for?

6 thoughts on “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”

  1. Hi Martin
    Loving the review.
    Was also at the last night. Wasn’t it fab?
    You must have been just behind me, because Tim Rice was a couple of rows behind too.
    Was he on his feet clapping to the megamix, did you notice?

  2. I was lucky enough to attend both performances on the last day, and was blown away by the whole show, and paricularly Gareth Gates. His singing and cating were spot on, and no wonder the audience rose to their feet to give him a standing ovation every time he sang.

  3. Hi Martin
    I was also at the last night.Absolutely fantastic,never known so much applause during a show The atmosphere was electric.Gareth Gates astounded me.His voice was remarkable and played the role like a funny and charismatic.This was a brand new 2007 production so different to the Palladium one.It tells all in booklet accompanying the programme.Apparently this was classed as the “Singalong” Version, or similar.

  4. what an amazing night, the performance was second to none. Gareth Gates was brilliant, his voice was so strong and powerful it bought tears to my eyes.The audience loved him, the cheers and applause almost bought the house down.I have seen many West End shows but have never seen so much emotion.

  5. I was part of the closing night (was part of the choir in red) Is nice to find a picture, since we was not allowed to take none. Gareth did an amazing job, and so did all the cast, the amount of tears held back that night was unbeliveable

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