Who am I?

Hello. I’m a designer and software developer based in London UK.

In my first life I was a video editor for 13 years, working for the BBC, as a freelance and for my own company on projects including hundreds of BBC on-air promos, The Fast Show Farewell Tour and my final editing gig, Top of the Pops. I’m the founder of Digital Heaven (initially a post facility but now a software developer) and am currently working on a review platform for the arts.

I’ve done a few bits of acting since 2010 and in November 2012 directed a play for the first time. One day I will start writing my first play…

My passions include theatre (an expensive addition), music, cycling, food (anything involving coriander, coconut or cherry always go down very well), writing, modern architecture, travelling, stylish hotels, podcasting and perhaps most important of all…sunshine.