Hello World. Today I am 40…

In my typical style, I’ve been planning to start a blog for almost a year now. The domain was bought (the other Martin Baker is better known than this one), WordPress was installed, hours were spent mocking up and deliberating over designs (of course mostly going round in circles)…and for months the thing sat hidden away only accessible by me.

In the meantime, I’ve been building up a substantial list of topics to write about, all of which seems a bit of a waste of time when I could just be writing the damn thing and pushing the publish button. I needed an incentive and as today I turn 40, that seemed to be a convenient time to make the site live (my design indecision can now continue in public).

I’ve always loved writing so a blog is an exciting prospect. Partly because ‘the list’ gives me a compass of the subjects I want to write about and partly because it feels like unchartered territory where I haven’t got a clue what I’ll discover.

So today I am 40. Do I feel 40 years old? Not really. Maybe the question is really whether I feel old and the answer to that is absolutely not. In my mind, the best is still to come.

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